Desiengine free classified


How do I Post Ads?

Posting an ad on Desiengine is very easy and takes not more than 30 seconds. Simply follow the steps below to understand the Post Ad flow better.

Step 1

Click on the "Post Free Ad" button in the Right hand side of the header.

Step 2

Select category in which you want to post ad.

Step 3.

Post ad Page is now open u can enter all the necessary information for your ad.

Step 4.

You can describe your ad in Detail and upload image

Step 5

Contact Detail Show your detail in site so the other user can contact you if he is interested in your ad.

Promote your ad is for you to decide that how u want to show your ad.

What do I need to do if my location is not in the list?

*If your location is not present on Desiengine, you may enter any location from the list closest to you.

*Mentioning your correct location will help people who see your Ad know where you/product/service is located.

Is it mandatory to enter the mobile number while posting an Ad?

No, mentioning your mobile number is not mandatory. However by entering a valid mobile number you are eligible to receive SMS alerts for your Ad replies. These alerts help you respond faster to potential buyers.

How much does it cost to post an Ad on Desiengine?

Desiengine is a free service and does not charge you any fees to post Ads. Go ahead and enjoy it. All Ads are subject to meeting the Terms of Use and Prohibited Items Policy.

How can I post a Good Ad on Desiengine and get better responses?

To increase the chance of getting a good response, follow these simple tips

Title - A good title will attract more visitors to your Ad Mention important keywords in title.

Description - To get people interested, follow these simple tips

Make the description as detailed as possible

Make it easy for buyers to pick up the item by mentioning the location of the item and when you would be available

Add contact information

Use Text Editor features such as Bold, Color, Bullets etc. to make the Ad description more attractive.

Upload Images - Include upto 10 pictures to enhance your Ad. The size of all 10 photos together should not exceed 10MB.

Use these tips and other innovative ideas to make your Ad more attractive and increase your chances of getting replies. In addition you can also subscribe to Desiengine "Premium Ad".

Is there any limit on Posting Ads?

No there is no limit to post ad in Desiengine.