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How do I register on

Registering on is now a very simple process. It takes only 1 minutes to register and post your Ads

Step 1:-

Click on Sign in tab in the header of the page

Step 2

Click on the Sign Up Button for Registration.

Step 3:

Please enter the following filds.

Once you submit the above information, you become a registered user of the site and can post Ads, manage your Ads and participate in community discussions.

Do I need to register to post Ads?

No, you need not be a registered user to Post Ad on the site. But you need to provide your valid email address.

What are the benefits of registering on Desiengine?

Registration allows to you to

-Post Unlimited Ads a day

-Get your own User ID

-Edit, delete, repost and check replies to your Ads

-Helps you participate in the community discussions

What is My Desiengine?

My Desiengine" is your personal user account where you can

-View and manage your Ads

-Modify/ edit/ delete your Ads

-Check replies to your Ads

-Repost your Ads after they expire

-Update your Desiengine profile

Why should I Sign In on Desiengine?

Sign in allows you to access your account and your Ads posted on the site.

Step 1

Click the “Sign-In” link on the top right corner of the site.

Step 2

If you have a Desiengine account, enter your registered email address and password to sign into your account

How do I create / change my password?

You can enter numeric or alphabetical character. To ensure the security of your password, password should be in length of 6-16 characters. Please don’t use your birthday or simple numbers like 123456 or abcdef as password. Please change your password after a certain period. You can change your password in My Desiengine -> Change My Password.

I have forgot my passowrd. How do I get a new one?

Step 1

Click the “Sign-In” link on the top right corner of the site.

Step 2

Click “Forgot your password?” link and it will display a page to “Create a new Password”.

Step 3

Fill in your registration email address to get the password, and click the “Send email” button.

Step 4

Check Your Email for duplicate Password You Can Change it using change password in My Desiengine .(If u do not get any email in ur inbox please also check spam or junk mail)

What if I try to register with an email address that is already registered on Desiengine?

You cannot register twice on the site with the same email address. Also the email id and Nickname once registered cannot be changed