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Rajesh Kumar, Liberty Adviser, Gold Coast
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  •  03-Nov-2015

Rajesh Kumar, Liberty Adviser, Gold Coast

Rajesh is a Liberty Advisor. He can help you with home loans, car loans, business loans and insurance. He can arrange loans for you even if you are self employed, property investor or want to buy a property through SMSF. Also arranging loans for you if you have bad credit or discharged bankruptcy. He can pre-approve a car loan so that you can go to a car dealer with confidence and negotiate the price. Arranging loans when you have tried the bank and been declined.

Feel free to contact him before you give up your dream of owning your own home or starting to invest in property.

He can also assist business owners to take commercial/business loans. If you need capital for your business or want to buy commercial property for your business or through SMSF.

Rajesh can advise about you the most appropriate loan to meet your needs and guide you through the whole process.

He can also come to meet you or see you after hours or during the weekend at any place as per your convenience.

I Can Speak The Following Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu.

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Address: Gold Coast
Mobile: +61 435 861 184
Facebook: Rajesh Kumar, Liberty Adviser

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Gold Coast
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Rajesh Kumar
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Rajesh Kumar, Liberty Adviser, Gold Coast